Empower Your Brand to be the Voice, Not the Echo

Today’s social media and online news sources are saturated with content as both individuals and companies struggle to be heard. Trying to engage readers has become a 24/7 task and a real challenge for companies looking to stand out from their competition and attract the masses. So how do you empower your brand to be the voice and not another echo?

Get targeted

Don’t be all things to all people. Know your audience and design your content for them specifically.

Be genuine

Amongst all the fake news, readers are looking for something tangible and real to connect with.

Build trust

Keep a steady drip of branded content so that you stay top of mind with your readers. Deliver the content consistently and in the format they desire.

Get to the point

Don’t try and go for longevity, adding more words for the sake of touting a lengthy read can be a mishap – especially if they’re superfluous words. However, we recommend at least trying to get your content to 300 words in order to capitalize on search engine optimization.

Follow through

When times are slow, or typically at the beginning of the year, companies fuel up on their content and then things get busy and they let it fall by the wayside. Once you commit to content marketing, following through is essential.

In summary, content marketing is the lifeblood to today’s marketing department and in order to successfully leverage it as a tool for business growth, you need to be strategic about it. Establish a plan, adopt a schedule, brainstorm topics to have at your ready, find your audience, and execute. Don’t be afraid to repurpose your own content to maintain consistency, although it may feel repetitive to you. Sometimes the audience needs to see or hear things three times before it absorbs. Last but not least, be sure to measure quality, engagement, and conversions as well as quantity. As I said before numbers for the sake of numbers are no good, unless there is merit behind them.

Celia Vine Marketing is a boutique marketing agency specializing in content marketing services.