The Centrifugal Force of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a mission-critical tool to the modern day marketer and one that should not be overlooked or misused. Long gone are the days when companies would mass send their press releases to publications and hope to get pick-up or better yet pitch a story and sit back and wait, and wait, and wait… and sometimes get an answer depending upon how much of an advertising spend they committed to with that particular publication. In fairness, not all publications operate in this manner, but most do. Such action leaves the epitome of a company’s story in the hands of the 3rd party publication. It is time to take the reins and for companies to become their own story teller. Telling what they want, to who they want, when they want!

Today’s tools, including Content Management System (CMS) platforms and social media, have changed the game of publishing and provided companies with the means to tell their own story. Publishing one’s own content not only tells the story they want told, but enables them to leverage who sees it by using multiple distribution tools such as website, social media, advertising, e-mail, direct mail, and more. Companies can reach a broader audience as well as repurpose the content to be shared in the varying formats per distribution mechanism used.  The centrifugal force at work here maximizes both frequency and reach to generate increased brand visibility. Centrifugal by definition is the apparent force that draws a rotating body away from the center of rotation. It is caused by the inertia of the body. The content, our centrifugal force, is what expands the company’s story beyond the core and opens up the opportunity to a whole new audience.

To help further illustrate how content marketing serves as a centrifugal force, let’s give an example. By now you have probably seen that LinkedIn affords the ability for anyone to publish. So here I am publishing… I will also use social media to share this story. Once I post it on my Twitter, it will also pop up on my website. From there, I will be sure to reference it on my blog and further extend social media usage with additional viewpoints and links back to my blog. I will include it in my next e-newsletter (after all, it is relevant content), and then I may use it to highlight the importance of Celia Vine’s marketing tactics by including it my next PowerPoint presentation that will appear on SlideShare, and from there decide whether or not to leverage it as its own ad campaign and/or a component of our next direct mail campaign.  The possibilities are endless, but I am ultimately in control of the story and how I want to engage it as the centrifugal force to expand our brand’s reach.

Are you ready to grow your brand with content marketing? Contact us today, to discuss how we can help implement such a centrifugal force to create new opportunities and expand your brand visibility.